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Parent Workshops

Our workshops help parents understand the role of soical media in a teenager's life, how to respond to digital porn, set healthy limits on video games, and much more.

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Student Programs

We have programs available for both public and private schools as well as your church youth group. We'll teach your students how to protect their online reputation and respond to cyberbullying.

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Teacher's Inservice Presentations

Teachers struggle as much as anyone to connect with students in this digital culture as well as how to set professional boundaries with students when it comes to social media. We have just the thing.

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500 "Friends"
Number of connections avg
teen has on social media.
9 - 11 Years
Age a child will first
see digital pornography.
3360 Messages
Number of texts a teen
sends every month.
33 Percent
Number of teens who are
victims of cyberbullying
10,000 Hours
Amount of time a child will
play video games by age 21

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32% of teens and tweens have sent sexually inappropriate text messages.

The average child's first exposure to digital porn is between 9 and 11.

Only 19% of parents have setup safety software on their children's phones.

80% of teens have "posting regrets" on social media.

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About Tech Savvy Parenting

Tech Savvy Parenting is an extension of 360 Family. 360 Family was founded in 2004. We exist to provide parent and family training in order to equip you discover how to be the parent that God desires for you to be. We are located in Memphis, TN but we would love to come your way and provide an event for your church, school, or community group.

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Brian Housman


Brian has been working full-time with families since 1993. He has been a speaker at more than 300 conferences and countless schools, churches, and camps and has led family programs from coast to coast as well as several international locations. Brian is a prolific writer for parenting magazines, most notably Parenting Teenagers, Parent Life, and Homeschooling Today with more than 80 articles published. He is the author of four books: Engaging Your Teen’s World, Tech Savvy Parenting, How You Always Meant to Parent, and Teen Savvy Parenting. Brian has been featured as a "parenting expert" (whatever that is) on more…