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Tech Savvy Parenting Book Trailer

Check out the trailer for the most visual, user-friendly technology book for parents. Covering everything from video game violence,  cell phones usage, social media boundaries, and digital pornography -- this is the book for EVERY PARENT!

Family Cell Phone Contract. When you bought a cell phone, you had to sign a contract with your cell provider. Doesn't it make sense that your child should do the same with you? Here is one of the easiest tools you'll ever use with your child.
10 Facts About Cyberbullying eBook. This is an incredible resource created by our friends at uKnowKids. Besides making great safety software for families, they produce quality resources like this.
Net Cetera eBook. This simple eBook produced by the FCC will help you start the right conversations with your younger child about tech safety. It will help your child recognize internet dangers, what to avoid, and how to respond if contacted by a stranger.

Video Tech Tutorials Brian has done many interviews on technology issues for parents. We've made them available to you to help with your many tech questions.

Getting Your Social Media "College Ready"

College recruiters now check your child's social media to see who they really are. You can help them get it ready for others to see.

The Effects of Video Game Violence

Studies show that the pervasive violence in M-rated video games can have an effect on your child's attitude and behavior.

Connecting with Your Child Through Technology

It is possible to use technology to better connect with your child and learn to be a part of their world. Here are a few tips. 

Learning to Use iDevices Safely

Apple devices are easy to setup to protect your child from unwanted or unhealthy content. Here is how to do it.

Girl's Overexposure on Social Media

The constant objectifying, pervasive pornography, and cyberbullying, puts girls most at risk for struggles with body image.

How to Set Summer Technology Boundaries

Getting our children outside, in a book, or at very least away from a screen can be a bug struggle in the summer. Here are some tips to help.

Free Audio Podcasts

Stuff for Parents Podcast - Part 1 Navigating sexting and texting in your teen.

Marc LaPointe and Brian tackle the issue of how texting can get out of control. Excessive texters are more likely to veer into sexting & acting out.

ParentMinistry.net Podcast Setting Families Up for Tech Success.

We can always count on Jeremy Lee from PM.net for a good conversation. We discuss controlling our tech lives and many other topics.

Stuff for Parents Podcast - Part 2 Responding to digital porn.

Marc and Brian come back to address the difficult issue of digital porn. How do you talk do your child and do you respond if you find it in your home?

Bellevue Next Gen Session Sexualization of Social Media.

In a recent lecture at BBC in Memphis, Brian talked about how social media is changing the sex conversation with teens.

Andy Savage Radio Show Helping your family set tech boundaries.

We always have a great time talking tech with Andy. He is one of the best interviewer we know. Listen as we talk about setting tech boundaries.

Mid-South Viewpoint AM640 A Family Technology Conversation.

Brian was joined by his son Bailey and daughter Ashlan for this radio interview to talk about the role tech plays in their lives.
Essential Facts on Video Games. The Entertainment Software Association keeps track of trends in video game sales, what teens are buying, and how much they play. This is a wealth of information for any parent.
How Teens Use Social Media. We are big fans of the folks at Common Sense Media. This report they produced on teens and social media is indispensible. You'll glean and understanding to why your teen doesn what they do when it comes to social media.
Sex and Tech Survey. This report is a bird's eye view into how technology is reshaping how teens and tween live out their sexuality through social media, sexting, and video chatting.

We know what it's like trying to manage technology in your family and feel like you're constantly fighting with screens to get time with your children. We know because we are parents just like you!