Parent Training Programs

One of the biggest complaints from youth pastors and counselors is parents don't show up. That won't be the problem here! Technology is the one issue that all of your parents are grasping at straws to control in their family. Our workshops help parents understand the role of soical media in their child's life, how to respond to digital porn, set healthy limits on video games, address abuse of sexting and texting, and much more.

Whether you are looking for a one hour presentation or a series of talks, we have the goods that will leave your parents both shocked and ready to take action. Your parents will feel empowered and no longer fear the unknow.

Student Presentations

"I've never thought of my social media like that before." That is the usual response we get from students when we peel back the curtain to show them how what they do online matters forever. It can be difficult for teens and tweens to understand the permanance of actions on technology when so much of it appears annonymous or between "friends." We'll teach your students how to protect their online reputation, respond to cyberbullying, strive for sexual purity in their digital life, and avoid the comparison traps of social media.

We have programs available for both public and private schools as well as your church youth group.

Teachers InService Training

Every school has to do training for their teachers, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring and sterile. Your teachers will be wide awake and full of questions.

One of the greatest tensions for teachers is finding a balance between "not their parent" and "loving mentor." Your teachers will learn to talk to students about tech safety, misuse of tech in learning, and integrity of character in social media. Teachers struggle just as much as anyone to connect with student in this digital culture as well as how to set professional boundaries with students when it comes to social media. We just have just the tools to help.


These are the three words the make our programs stand out from the rest. Whether your group is parents, teachers, or students, their eyes will be opened and minds IMPACTED with how much technology plays a role in our lives and shapes who we are as people.

Every session ends with quick tips or principle that easily TRANSFER into everyday. We do this through hands-on and interactive exercises with the audience. This causes them to think about how technology influences the livesof teens and tweens. They will never use technology again without thinking about what they've learned.

A big key to the success of our programs is the FLEXIBILITY of the teaching, environment, and time spent with your group. We believe in crafting a program that fits the DNA of your group. Though most of our clients are religious groups, we are also able to work with public schools and PTA groups to bring just what you need.

We've equipped thousands of parents in churches, schools, and community centers to better lead their families. We've also been blessed to lead technology programs for students in public, private, and homeschool groups.