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So often as parents it feels like you're the only one dealing with these issues in your home. Fear no more! Every parent out there is knee deep in technology. One of the best ways to be resourced is to talk to others and share your own knowledge, experiences, and tips!

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Brian is a  parent just like you and understands the difficulty in finding balance in your family's life when it comes to technology. This is his twenty fifth year in working with families and has loved the whole adventure.

Tech Savvy Parenting is actually a part of a larger organization called 360Family. 360 Family exists to equip and encourage parents in understanding the world of their teens/tweens and teach them to walk with their teens into the culture in living the life they were created for. 

Here is a little bit about Brian as well as a few groups he has worked with and what they said about their experience.

What Others Have Said

  • Sue Adkins – Parenting Made Easy Author

    “In its no nonsense, down to earth, practical way, Tech Savvy Parenting helps families navigate the choppy waters of the ‘screenager’ with confidence.”

  • Jeremy Lee – Endorsement

    “What Brian has written is much more than simply a book. Tech Savvy Parenting is an experience for parents into the technological lives of their teens!”

  • Eric Rogers – ParentingGamers Endorsement

    “Brian offers practical advice on creating a technology safe haven for your kids. Tech Savvy Parenting is a must read every parent!”

  • Nathan Armstrong – iHelpDaily Endorsement

    “Today’s teens are surrounded with ever-expanding technology options and parents find it hard to keep up. Tech Savvy parenting should be the first guide parents reach for to stay on top of the latest technology trends!”

  • Coby Cagle – Youth Pastor Endorsement

    “Many of the parents I talk to feel overwhelmed by the pace that technology advances and ill-equipped to help their children navigate in a healthy and productive manner. Tech Savvy Parenting is easily the most insightful and practical guide I have come across for this specific issue.”

  • Trey Burley – DaddyMojo Blog Endorsement

    Tech Savvy Parenting is soup to nuts what you need to know about your children’s online activities, appropriate video game usage and the apps that they’re likely to download. Social media experts all the way to parents who are just starting out with their kids online will find lots to learn and share in Tech Savvy Parenting.”

  • Steve Woda – uKnowKids CEO Endorsement

    “In this comprehensive guidebook, Brian details how parents can regain the upper-hand when it comes to parenting in the digital world. Tech Savvy Parenting doesn’t disappoint!”

  • Scott Lotta – Parenting Teens Magazine

    “Brian has given parents a road map to dealing with their teen’s technology. Tech Savvy Parenting isn’t just about big issues like texting and the Internet—it’s about walking parents through practical steps they can take immediately. Brian doesn’t just equip parents to not be afraid of technology; he teaches them to embrace it.”

  • Andy Savage – Highpoint Church Pastor

    “Brian is a genius at helping parents of teenagers find success in some of the most difficult years in a child’s life. Tech Savvy Parenting is an absolute must have for parents of teens. This book gets under the hood of technology.”

Meet Our Founder


Brian Housman


Brian has been working full-time with families since 1993. He has been a speaker at more than 300 conferences and countless schools, churches, and camps and has led family programs from coast to coast as well as several international locations. Brian is a prolific writer for parenting magazines, most notably Parenting Teenagers, Parent Life, and Homeschooling Today with more than 80 articles published. He is the author of four books: Engaging Your Teen’s World, Tech Savvy Parenting, How You Always Meant to Parent, and Teen Savvy Parenting. Brian has been featured as a "parenting expert" (whatever that is) on more than forty radio shows and TV programs including FOX, ABC, and NBC affiliates.